Sedona Professional Drone Photography and Video

Photography In Sedona. The Most Dynamic Drone Photography and Video.

Why Choose Gary Glenn for Photography In Sedona?


A Unique Combination Of Skills

Gary Glenn is a professional photographer and film maker... He is also a private pilot... this makes him unique in the drone photography world.... a genuine skill set for capturing amazing still images and creating dynamic mini video movies... PLUS a passion for aviation. Quality Photography in Sedona and Drone Film In Sedona.


Few can match this amazing combination... lots of people have a drone... just like lots of people have a camera... and of course you would not choose any amateur operator to capture important photographs... just the same you would not get someone who just has the 'right equipment' to make a dynamic  portfolio of stills or a professionally edited marketing film.

No one in this region can do what Gary Glenn can do... he is unique and capable... and everyone loves working with him.


Find Out How Gary Gan Help You

When you are ready to discuss the project you have in mind for your company and need a fully licensed and insured commercial drone pilot... who is a professional film maker and photographer... contact Gary Glenn... oh and by the way, he's fun to work with!

Incidently... An Important Consideration

There's one other major consideration in choosing who does your aerial photography and film work... remember that it is illegal for anyone to operate a drone for commercial purposes without an FAA Drone Certification.  The FAA has also deemed it illegal for a company, like a Real Estate office to HIRE an unlicensed drone operator... the fine is at least $1100 for the pilot and up to $11,000 for the company hiring the unauthorized pilot... this is a vital thing to know and remember when choosing who you get to fly and film your project.  Gary Glenn is of course fully licensed.. and certainly... insured... always choose a pilot who is prepared with proper liability insurance... like Gary Glenn

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